There are a lot of things that I am hoping to do here!

This website looks best on chromebooks-- it's hard to navigate on mobile, and I haven't even checked what it looks like on desktop. I'm kind of scared to. I'm Jay, by the way! I'm new to html, if it isn't obvious by looking at this site. I'm hoping to learn how to further customize my website. I'll have some goals listed on this page, for a variety of subjects. To learn more about me and my interests, check my about me page! To learn more about my stories and characters, check my OC page! My portfolio will be under-- you guessed it-- portfolio. Tips, tricks, and resources will be under the help page, and links to my social media and my friends' websites will be at the bottom of this page!

Big disclaimer-- while I make the majority of the things used on this page (background, cursor, star icons) some of it is taken from a library of gifs me and my friends have.

Sketchbook Goals
-23 sketchbooks by graduation

-Use more mediums

-More anatomy practice
Animation Goals
-One animatic by graduation

-Storyboard three animatics before graduation
Writing Goals
-Write out the story for my OCs

-Write out the script for the story of Lidia and Evane